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Because of its public rose gardens and the associated commitment of the rose associations, the district of Neunkirchen was named Germany’s first and so far only rose district by the Society of German Rose Friends (GRF) in 1985. In eight park-like rose gardens, visitors can admire the diversity of blossoms and varieties of roses.

We are Saarland Card hosts! Book at least two nights with us and you will receive the digital Saarland Card in addition to our own services as a free extra service during your stay. With the Saarland Card you can experience over 100 attractions in Saarland and the neighbouring region free of charge. In addition, you have free travel on buses and trains throughout Saarland. You can find more information about the Saarland Card and all participating partners at www.card.saarland.

The „Vereinigung ehemaliger Hotelfachschüler Bad Reichenhall e.V.“ is a community which, according to its statutes, sees itself as a network for the promotion of the profession and the cultivation of friendly relations.

The nursery Rosen Brill has been breeding cut roses for more than 25 years. The aim is to introduce new varieties to the market with the well-known characteristics such as good production, a good shelf life and good stability during transport. The new varieties are tested in Germany by the nursery itself under real conditions.

The adventure museum GONDWANA – Das Praehistorium shows an exciting tour through prehistory. State-of-the-art animation technology and sophisticated audiovisual processes let you experience the course of 4.5 billion years of Earth’s history live.

Gardeners and florists out of enthusiasm and joy, conviction and fun, tradition and vocation. The Wolf family loves the diversity of nature, finds inspiration in it – but also the mission to deal with it responsibly and sustainably. So she gives them unique materials for creative work and design. Much of what they need for this – cut flowers, perennials, turnip and balcony plants – they produce in their own nursery. Planting and designing – that is their passion!

Carsten and Nadine Schäfer – that is Café Plaisir. They have been passionately roasting and refining the precious beans since August 2007, constantly discovering new, delicious compositions that can be enjoyed and bought online, at the coffee factory in Schwalbach-Elm or at Café Plaisir in Saarlouis. Just as important to them as fair conditions and the high quality of the coffee beans is the loving processing: the roasting process and preparation are crucial for a unique and balanced coffee taste. In the private roastery, more than 40 different top coffees are produced by hand several times a week.

Winemaking is their passion – the small family winery is located on the Upper Moselle in Saarland. Stony shell limestone soils form the basis for Burgundy wines with a strong character, most of which they make dry.

The Petgen-Dahm winery, with 25 hectares of owned land, of which 17 hectares are planted with vines, is one of the most renowned wineries in the Moselle region. The family has been cultivating vines in the border triangle of Germany, France and Luxembourg since the 17th century. Exquisite specialities of the Petgen-Dahm house are the sparkling and full-bodied Burgundy wines. They thrive on the heavy limestone soils of the Upper Moselle in Saarland. It is a very special challenge for Ralf Petgen to produce top Riesling wines on the steep slopes of the Saar, the world-famous „Ayler Kupp“ terroir site. This makes Ralf Petgen the only „Saarland winegrower“.

For centuries now, the Emmerich-Koebernik family has lived as winegrowers in the wild landscape along the Nahe. The passion for viticulture has been strongly rooted in the family for generations. Christiane Koebernik farms 14 hectares of vines together with her parents Doris and Ernst-Günter Koebernik. The top vineyards and the family’s commitment in an interplay of nature and many years of experience give rise to many exciting wines. With passion, you can see all three of the family working in the winery and cellar.